Bo Saris – The Addict Lyrics

By | October 25, 2013

Bo Saris – The Addict Lyrics

How can you call yourself a player
When you are just half of a man
When you trully feel that you are the saver
And my wish is your command
We drivin down to the desert
figger out the master plan
Feels like you are in heaven
But in reality it’s just dust and sand
Stop it, turn on, figure it out
Tell me, we jusus why are in doubt
I help you out
Watch out for the addict
He’s always try to work you down
Watch out for his madness
Cause it’s hard to turn back around
Even whith the love so strong
couldn’t drag you out off this town
Watch out for the addict
He’s always try to work you down
I slowly watch you moving closer

Help me verder / maak ‘m beter!

Bo Saris – The Addict Official Music Video

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